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Hummingbird Estate
Silent Night: 80's Silent Dance Party

Silent Night: 80's Silent Dance Party

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You know what's been missing from your life? An 80's themed Silent Dance Party. Yes, you read that right - a silent dance party. We are once again partnering with Rogue Lifestyle to bring some great summer entertainment to our hill. We bring the view (and great wine and beer), and they bring the headphones. 

The basics: Friday, June 2nd, 7-10 pm. There are a limited number of headphones (tickets $40), but your friends who are hesitant to dance are welcome to hang out and enjoy the view of the valley at twilight and the dancers rocking out to music that's literally only in, or on, their heads. 

And did we mention it's 80's themed? Which means a costume contest, which means a prize for the best outfit. You're welcome.